COVID-19 pandemic update
We are here to help customers through financial impacts the COVID-19 pandemic may incur. We are suspending service disconnections until further notice. While payments are still required, we will be working with customers on a case-by-case basis to establish any needed payment arrangements. To learn more about payment assistance programs, click here.

Corporate citizenship is a responsibility we take very seriously at El Paso Electric. Contributing to our communities is an important aspect of our corporate purpose. The success of El Paso Electric's corporate citizenship programs can be attributed to the caring and generosity of its employees.


365bet体育It’s no secret that electricity is essential, as it impacts our homes, businesses, and daily life. You can learn more about the industry, power production, electrical safety, and more by exploring these links.

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Community Partner Program

365bet体育El Paso Electric is deeply committed to its service communities and actively participates by supporting a diverse mix of civic and charitable programs through its Community Partner Program.

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Speakers and Presentations

365bet体育We love sharing our knowledge of the electric utility! That’s why we offer free and informative presentations tailored for any audience from schools to neighborhoods, businesses and more.

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Community Impact

The things we do as a responsible corporate citizen ripple throughout the region. As a local employer, we make a substantial annual economic impact. Follow the link below to learn how we power economic growth in our community.

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Environmental Efforts

We’re on a mission to provide cleaner, greener power to our customers. We’ve made major advancements toward this by introducing new efficient power generation units, going 100% coal free and launching our groundbreaking Community Solar program. Learn more about our efforts here.

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Corporate Sustainability Reports

El Paso Electric embraces a culture of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. In recent years, we have achieved significant milestones in these areas while continuing to celebrate growth and development in our region. Learn more about this important topic here.

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